Curly Cherry Kitchen Mantle
Some Our Customers Fine Pieces of Craftmanship
Here are some pictures of the coffee table
I made using the curly maple I bought from
you last  time. Already sold.
Maple Centerpiece from
National award winning table made of Tiger oak
Tom Webster
Curly cherry display case from the guitar armory
The Guitar Armory
Custom Table Top by
Twisted Tree Furniture
Blue Curly Maple display case from the guitar armory
The Guitar Armory
Ambrosia Maple Aquarium Stand
by Tim Blache
Bookmatched quartersawn sycamore table
by Al Peters
Entertainment Center by Mike Pustinger
Autumn Sky Originals
Rocker by Mike Pustinger
Autumn Sky Originals
Native American Flute by Kenny King
Curly Maple Fish
by John Iverson
Classic Drums by Vince
Guerrara Drums
Cues by Dan

Furniture by Craig Edwards
Amps by Brian Montgomery
Cabinet by Rick Stein
Tables by Matt Downer
Kitchen Table by Jim Daining
Jim Daining
Quartersawn Sycamore Bed
made by Wood Magazine Editor, Marlen Kemmet
Viola inspired in Andrea Guarneri
by Luis Claudio Manfio, Brazil
Amber Curly Maple Top BluesHawk Custom

I am so pleased how gorgeous this board
come up with the stain, it has passed my
expectations and so grateful to you for
obtaining this lovely tonewood and for your
excellent customer service, so rare these
Many thanks,
John Willis
London, England

John Willis
by Mark Blomster
Minneapolis, MN
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Jewelry Box
by Mark Blomster,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Table by Matt Downer
Here is a link to my violin # 115
with a maple back I got from you:  
- Bob Kogut
Koguts Violins
For more Information contact:
Customers Gallery of Finished Projects
We love to see your finished works of art!
Please share your photos and we can post them here!
Usuriello Furniture Studio
I just wanted to tell you how
much I loved the curly cherry
wood that you sold me and
thought you might like to see
what I built from it.
The needlework is done by
Helene Brooks and is a William
Morris design.

Thank You again for the
incredible wood.

Hubert Kunnemeyer

My shipment of Maple and Cherry arrived today
as promised. I just wanted to thank you for the
extra boards. Since I don’t live near a large city,
I have purchased lumber all over the internet
including ebay. I want you to know that yours is
the best lumber out there. This was my 3rd
purchase from you and It has always a pleasure
to do business with you. The way you run your
business will ensure repeat customers.

John Whitcomb
Grand Junction, CO

Here is a Segmented Bowl I made using your
Walnut, Maple and Cherry.
by Dariusz
of Poland
10 String Bass
by Oscar Fernandez Prat
Curly Maple Kitchen
by Peter Ahlf
Guitars by
Keith O'Dell
Clock by
Russ McKenzie
I have bought from you before. Your Maple is
excellent for the guitars I build, thank you very much.

Thank You   
Dale Fortune

The wood is gorgeous!
Curly Cherry Guitar
Curly Walnut Display Case
by Curtis Combs
Here's a pic of one of the flutes I made from the maple you sent. It is now being played by
reknowned world flutist  Peter Phippen who was quite smitten with it after seeing it on my website!
-Dickie Lee

Gunstock by Roger M.
Fishing Rod Rack
David Lewis
Jewelry Box
David Lewis

Curly Maple/Walnut Rifle Display Case
By David Breedlove
Twisted Tree Furniture

Curly Maple/Walnut Flag Display Case
By David Breedlove
Twisted Tree Furniture
Curly Maple Cider Press
By David Breedlove
Twisted Tree Furniture

Nantucket Tilt Top Table
By Robert Marks
Oak and Ivory

Curly Cherry Table

-Regis Leonard

Curly Cherry
Sideboard with
China Cupboard Top

Daniel Dailey

Jazz Guitar
by Dennis Kistler
by Jeff

by Herb

by Chris

Quartersawn Sycamore
Candlestick Holders
by Chris

Nathan Smith
Curly Maple Desk
by Dave Yasko

Curly Cherry Vase &
Maple Vase
Wendell Mills
Beautiful Wood Chest
by Don
by John Green

This is a reproduction of a 6th century
lyre based on one recently excavated
from a bog in Trossingen, Germany.

By Larry Miller

Guitar Amp Cabinet
Dennis Achey
Guitar by
James Ingraham
Curly Cherry Table
Bob Hunter

Bass from Steve Leonti using
a curly ambrosia bookmatched set

Curly Cherry Pool ball Rack by Jim Shaw
Guitar made by luthier
Jim Ingraham , AZ

James Ingraham
Pens by
Charles Taylor
Pennsylvanian Spice Rack
by Brian
Silverware Chest by
John Paul Green
Guitar by
Bill Willis
Guitar by Paul
of England  
Leopardwood/Curly Maple
Jewelry Box
by Charlie Gardner
Guitar by
Paul Slingerland
Curly Cherry
Jewelry Box
by Carl Dumke
Coin Display Boxes
by Troy Barber
Curly Maple Guitar Necks
John Chando
Chando Guitars
Curly Maple Banjo
Terry Bell
Bell and Son Banjos
Vase by 10 year old
Ryan Ishibashi
That's impressive!
William Robison
Curly Cherry Amp
by Jordan Levy
Curly Maple Drawer
by Matt Downer
Curly Maple Koshou bench
(Japanese for "knock-down")
by Matt Downer
George Wakim

Mike Puma Custom Crafted Guitars
Puma Custom Guitars

Decorative Curly Maple Boxes
Curtis Combs
Curly Cherry Headboard
by Derek Winstanley
Curly Ash Guitar
by Joe Hamilton
Joe Hamilton Guitars
Quartersawn Sycamore Table
by Dave Cohn

Curly Maple Knife Box
The Marine emblem and engravings were carved
using a small CNC and then covered in gold leaf
by Jason Klien

Curly Maple Electric Guitar
by Chris Brouelette
Broad Axe Guitars
Scalloped Decorative Bowl
by Wendell Mills

Curly Maple Headboard
by Daniel Sweeny

by Kenny King
Decorative Boxes
by Doug Edwards
Hill Country String Works
Mandolin Stand
by Doug Edwards
Hill Country String Works
This is or was, an AR, black rifle.  This one is in 300
blackout, just a 223 case shortened and  necked to 308.  
I just couldn't resist making it "unblack" as much as
by Roger Miles
Curly Oak Picture Frame
by Robert Forman
Curly Maple Clock
by Jerry McDaniel
by Jerry McDaniel
Curly Maple Boxes
by Jerry McDaniel
by  John McGuinness
Curly Red Oak Countertops
by Yehuda Goodman
Curly Maple Guitar
by Doug Vernon
Wooden Fish
by Derek Winstanley
Curly Maple Gun Grips
by Stephen Stumbo
Curly Maple Curly Cherry Curly Walnut Chest
by Russ Crum
Curly Maple Knives
by Carver Upton
Curly Maple Humidor
also used plain maple, quilted maple & amboyna burl.
by Tom Lyons
Curly Maple JewelryBox
by Kevin Stattel
Rift sawn Oak Laptop Platform
with access the cavity for storage
by Regis Leonard   
Landing Nets
by Stan Sibinski
Curly Maple Chest
Roger Pitre
Cherry Cabinet
by Tom Holmes
Super Hero Plaques
and Boxes
Monik Gandhi
Spalted Maple fly fishing landing net
by Gregory Smith
Fish Papa
Finnish instrument related to the zither
made from Quarter Sawn Sycamore, Curly Maple, Black Walnut
By Scot Dobberfuhl

Curly Maple Dual British Classic
Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifier
Autumn Sunrise Trans-Tint Stain
6 Coats of Gloss Tung Oil
Jeff Earl
J Design Speaker Enclosures
Curly Maple
Electric Guitar
By Robert Baker

Table and Rocker
By Chuck Griffith

Curly Maple Bowls
John Deckard
Jewelry box by Oval Revels

Headboard made from
Knotty Pine & Curly Maple
Monik Gandhi
Joshua Siegel
Curly Maple Table
Curly Maple Spoons
by Paul Slingerland
by Luis Manfio
Curly Maple Flag Box
by Jerry McDaniel
Banjo by Terry Bell
Bell and Son Banjos
Bill Griffin
Griffin Mandolin Works
Elk Grove, CA
Evandro Mascarenhas
Luthier Guitar
Curly Red Oak and
Curly Black Walnut Box
by Oval Revels
Sea Chest
By Edwin Fuller
Spalted Maple Desk Clock
by Martin Spar
Curly Maple Banjo
Terry Bell
Bell and Son Banjos
Curly Maple & Curly Cherry
Sideboard by
Peter Winter
Curly Maple Guitar
Chris Jordison
Jordison Guitars
Norwalk Ca
Curly Maple Guitar
Jessupe Goldastini
Curly Maple and Ambrosia Cues
by Diane Craig
Curly Maple Flute with White buffalo w/Coyote Claw Horns
and White deer Wraps.
Dave Webb
Dakota Windsong Flutes
Ash Table
by Chett Walsh
Lamp (above)
Side table (below)
by Chett Walsh
Brazilian Banjo
by Evandro Mascarenhas
Walnut & Curly Maple Table
by Stewart Jensen

Curly Maple Guitar
Bonehead Guitars
Decorative Box
by Bob Dickey
Woodworkers and Instrument Makers Source for Fine Figured Hardwoods
Curly Red Oak and
Curly Black Walnut Box
by Oval Revels
71% scale of David Wakefield's
(Animated Wooden Toys) Triceratops
by Russell Crawford

Pizza Peel by Leslie Jackson
Music Stand
David Falkner
Curly Maple &
BirdseyeMaple Guitar
by Samuel Martins
Table by
Jason Roark
Picture Frame
by Joe Zadrozny

Birdseye and Ebony Jewelry Box
by Bob Dickey
Ambrosia Maple Bath Caddy
with wine hangers
by Aaron Atencio
The hull knife & blade company"
Black Walnut/Curly Maple

by Wayne Taylor