Who We Are...

If  you have been searching for Quality Hardwood Lumber, look no

We provide specialty hardwood lumber for woodworker's and
instrument makers.

We are located right in the heart of some of the best hardwoods in
the country. The hardwoods we buy are harvested in NW
Pennsylvania and extreme NE Ohio.

We specialize in Curly Maple wood lumber.  Most of our Maple is
pure white sapwood. We offer small quantities, so you buy only what
you need.

We work with a local sawmill that cuts over 2 million board ft a
year. In a good year, 2,500 Bd ft of that wood is curly maple and
only half of that makes its way to this website. That tells how rare
Curly Maple is. Figured hardwoods are extremely rare, occurring in
only 2% of trees.

One can only understand how rare when you deal with it on a daily
basis as I do. It is awe inspiring to watch the sawmill load 6 or more
tractor trailers full of maple, and all the figured maple they found
for me easily fits in the back of my small pick-up. Even less is good
enough for this web page. I have from time to time a selection of
wide curly maple boards, up to 20" in width. Our grandfathers cut
all the big trees so these boards are extremely rare.

We also carry other species of hardwoods from time to time. Some
of these are: Oak, Curly Oak, Cherry, Curly Cherry, Curly Ash,
Walnut, Leopard wood, Sycamore, Butternut, Pear, Birds-eye Maple.

My inventory changes constantly. Contact me for availability.
Please contact me for further info.

All wood is kiln dried and surfaced planed.

This website will be updated frequently with new inventory, so
please check back.

Thank you,
Kevin Koski
A few words from our
Customers ..

From the one who wrote the book  . .
"After over 40 years of guitar making, I
finally found a curly maple supplier who
knows exactly what I'm looking for.
My quest for a dependable supplier is
finally over!"  

I had almost given up on supplying maple to my
customers. I found your products had the
consistency and quality I needed to offer the
high grade maple products my customers wanted
and required.  

Simeon Chambers Tone wood

Friendly, very helpful, prompt
service. Items exactly as described...

Excellent product, service and shipping
equals repeat business...

Excellent piece! Wood is exactly as described
every time, A+++

Dear Kevin;

This is just a quick note to thank you for your help with the
curly red oak that you supplied me with.  I made a Victorian
table with your wood, and entered it in an Equipment
Manufacturer's National Contest.  I won first place.
It certainly helped to win first place by having the special
wood that I was looking for to get the table done.  I
appreciate all your personal help in going through that big
pile to select it, and get it out for me.  Not to mention:
helping me with the shipping claim, after it was damaged by
the shipper with some machinery, AND when I ran short on
wood you coming through with enough to match it, so that I
could finish my project.

Thanks again for all your personal service, and supplying
the wood that allowed me to win first place.

Kindest Regards,
Tom Webster
We look forward to supplying
your  wood  for your next wood
working project!

For Our Local
Northeast Ohio Customers
Kiln Drying Available

contact us at
Please feel free to contact us via email. We check it several times a day.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Hard to believe the dirty lumber we
pick up out in the woods from the
Amish can be turned into something
so beautiful!
Bob Kogut Violin Video
Instrument Makers, Woodworkers and Hobbyist Source for Fine Figured Hardwoods
Please note all wood is flat sawn, face jointed flattened, planed and edge jointed unless otherwise noted.
Wood has been dried in a Nyle kiln to 6% to 8% moisture content.
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